Eviction Rescue

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Do you have a non-paying tenant?
Is your tenant bullying you around
because you are unsure of tenant-landlord laws?
Are you unfamiliar with the eviction process
and do not know where to begin?

We Can Help!

Donna Farrow & Company is a full-service property management company that specializes in Commercial & Residential Property Management. We were built with our investors in mind. We can step in and help you with your problem tenant.

Real estate is a great way to build wealth for your family. Do NOT let a tenant put such a bad taste in your mouth that you want to give up on your dreams. Owning real estate does not have to be this difficult. Real estate can be frustration free!

At Donna Farrow & Company we have an Eviction Rescue service. We can step in and take over your situation, whether it is a non-paying resident or a resident that is currently in the eviction process or a resident that is simply driving you crazy.

What Does Eviction Rescue Do:

  • Get your tenant to start paying or start the eviction process
  • Take over an existing eviction
  • Get the property rent ready (at owner cost)
  • Lease the property to a qualified tenant
  • To get the Eviction Rescue you need to sign a property management agreement.

We are NOT attorneys. If an attorney is needed we have partnership with attorneys that can represent you

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