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Let us manage your Saint Joseph Rental Property

Most investors and agents believe that a property management company simply collects rent and schedules repair calls. Donna Farrow & Company always does much more.

Tenant Screening, Move In and Lease Signing

 Screening Process

  • Screen all tenants while maintaining Fair Housing laws
  • Take a premise inventory sheet signed by tenant prior to tenants moving in
  • Write up and sign the lease
  • Have tenants sign all documents
  • Supply the tenant with proper documentation to meet the state landlord/tenant laws
  • Provide Tenant with keys
  • Verify Utilities are in tenant’s name

Collect Rent

  • Collect rent through e-payment ACH transfer
  • Collect rent via credit card if tenant does not have necessary funds
  • Fully account for all deposits throughout the life of the lease term
  • Maintain a separate account for the tenant security deposit as required by the Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC)

Month End Reporting

  • Provide month-end and year-end reporting, available 24/7 via your portal
  • Provide year-end tax forms as required by the IRS
  • Direct deposit monthly payments into the owner’s bank account

Maintenance and Repair

  • 24 hour emergency maintenance line for tenants
  • Provide oversight of all vendors and maintenance as per Missouri State Codes
  • Ensure timely maintenance response time for tenant
  • Maintain communication with owners prior to any excessive expenses
  • Document communication with tenants regarding maintenance services calls and dates
  • Handle HOA repairs and requirements
  • Charge resident’s appropriate fees based upon the lease agreement and addendum’s.

Move Out Procedures

  • Visit the property and take photo’s of maintenance, wear and tear, and tenant damage.
  • Perform the Security Deposit Disposition
  • Disburse the tenant’s security deposit refund based on the Missouri Property Code

Eviction Coordination

  • Act as a collections department and contact tenants who have not paid rent
  • File eviction on any tenant who has not paid rent
  • Perform the eviction process based on state law
  • Meet Sherriff at property for possession
  • Send tenants who owe money to collection agency
  • Obtain make ready repair bid and send to owner for approval
  • Complete all make readies based on the Missouri Property Code

Accounting & Management Services

  • Manage properties with state of the art computer software
  • Keep up with state and federal regulations to maintain compliance and keep up to date forms
  • Inspect the property quarterly for any lease infractions or maintenance issues
  • Provide any ad hoc reporting the owner requests
  • Provide investment guidance to investors – including type of property, area of town, rental analysis

Rental Marketing

  • Provide rental market analysis for your property
  • Provide 24 hour marketing of your property to prospective tenants using signs, website and texting technology
  • Utilize Code Boxes and Centralized Showing Service (CSS) for appointments and feedback from showing agents
  • Walk vacant properties monthly to ensure property looks its best
  • Provide weekly updates to the owner on all vacancies

Reasons why we perform the inspections

  1. We want to determine if the resident is taking care of the property. If they are not taking care of the property we will send the tenant a lease violation notice, and if not corrected we will not send them a lease renewal.
  2. It allows us to determine if there are any maintenance issues that can be taken care of. If the resident is taking care of the property we want to make them happy. Fixing a bunch of small maintenance items will make the resident happy and want to renew their lease.
  3. The lease renewal is completed 2-3 months prior to the end of the term so it is important to gather information and take care of anything prior to the lease renewal. 

Why Choose DFC for Managing Your Property?

Our long history of serving investors just like you! We have been managing property in Saint Joseph since 1991. We understand what it is like to have your personal finances on the line and are with you every step of the way.

We are a professional management company.
Unlike many property managers, we are not agent’s first and property managers second. And unlike many one man show property managers, we have a highly trained and experienced management team to ensure our clients get the best experience possible.  Our company focus is to manage investment properties.

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