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Why Do I Need To Inspect My Property While It’s Rented With DFC?

How often does DFC perform inspections?

DFC performs property inspections on a quarterly basis.

Due to tenants not maintaining the property and changing furnace filters, Owners wanted someone to review the property on a quarterly basis similar to the way we inspect out own properties, on a quarterly basis and thoroughly, and many are extremely happy that we now offer quarterly inspections

Reasons why we perform the inspections

  1. We want to determine if the resident is taking care of the property. If they are not taking care of the property we will send the tenant a lease violation notice, and if not corrected we will not send them a lease renewal.
  2. It allows us to determine if there are any maintenance issues that can be taken care of. If the resident is taking care of the property we want to make them happy. Fixing a bunch of small maintenance items will make the resident happy and want to renew their lease.
  3. The lease renewal are completed 2-3 months prior to the end of the term so it is important to gather information and take care of anything prior to the lease renewal.

Who does the maintenance inspections?

  1. DFC has an internal maintenance department with professional handymen and technicians who are extremely detail oriented when inspecting properties.
  2. Your average property manager walks the property in twenty minutes, shoots a few photos and thats that. Not DFC, we write up an inspection report and send to our owner’s directly. Click to view a sample

Can I be present when the inspection takes place?

Of course! We encourage you to go view your property every one or two years. We require a few days’ notice so that we can make arrangements with the tenants. Often the trip to view your property is tax deductible. Check with your CPA.

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