Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding Checklist


Step 1: Please review our common owner mistakes!


Step 2: Please fill out the Property Information Sheet


Step 3: Checklist 

  • Excel Spreadsheet of units ie. Occupied/Unoccupied, rent amounts, location address, legal ownership name of the property
  • Unit Keys that are labeled 
  • Copies of Original Leases 
  • Copies of Premise Inventory Move In’s 
  • Tenant Applications 
  • Proof of last 3 months of payments (So we know which tenants are current and non-performing) 


Step 4: Utilities 

  • Please contact the utility companies (KCPL, Spire Gas, Missouri American Water, City of St Joseph Sewer) and authorize our Donna Farrow & Company to make changes to your accounts and make sure you have a Revert to Owner set on all of your properties. This will help us not only report high usage issues and leaks but also pay your utility bills as well. Please have all utility bills forwarded to our office address: Donna Farrow & Company 3805 Oakland Ave Suite 101B Saint Joseph, MO 64506 


    VERY IMPORTANT: Revert to Owners are so important for utility’s here in St. Joseph. Tenants often will vacate in the middle of winter and pipes will freeze unless there is a revert to owner on the property. Sadly, it is a very serious matter and needs to be completed by our owners 1x a year to verify they are still in place so please make a note on your calendar.