Lease with Us!

Our properties for rent are your properties for rent! For each qualified tenant- Agent broker will receive a $200 commission for referral!

Leasing with DFC FAQ’s

All applicants must go through our application process and are subject to all of the Donna Farrow & Company processing fees.

Donna Farrow & Company makes final decision on all applicants.

Listing agent MUST use Donna Farrow & Company Lease and addendum’s. Failure to do so may result in Donna Farrow & Company not managing the property.

Donna Farrow & Company creates the lease.

Referring agent puts their sign and lockbox on the property.

Referring agent will market the property. Donna Farrow & Company will NOT market the property.

Referring agent will give Donna Farrow & Company lockbox code, security codes and any other pertinent information on the property.

Security Deposit, Pet Deposit, Pet Fee and Lease Processing Fees are made out to Donna Farrow & Company. First Month rent is made out to Listing agent Broker.

The resident or their representative will bring the checks to the Donna Farrow & Company office.

Resident MUST come to Donna Farrow & Company office to pick up keys and go over the Welcome Orientation.

Donna Farrow & Company does NOT manage the property until commencement of the lease.

Donna Farrow & Company turns on/off utilities

The listing agent is responsible for scheduling lawn care, cleaning and any maintenance. Donna Farrow & Company can handle at the request of the listing agent.

Listing agent negotiates price, security deposit, maintenance requests or additions.

Listing agent does not negotiate lease package.